Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best motivation for you

 Indeed, not a mistake that made us upset with myself, but the tendency to make the same mistake. Because indeed, Making mistakes is human, but to learn from a mistake to NOT repeat it, is a human quality that is not the average. Make the same mistakes is a sign of slow maturation itself, by extending the difficulty and delay success.

Those whose hearts are filled with compassion at the pain of others, and the use of self and life for the happiness of others, will not be placed in situations that need pity from others. Indeed has always been proven, that kindness life determine goodness.

If you do not make mistakes, it means your life movement is not fast enough. Then behave more friendly to the error. Treat it as a reminder that your ways are not good enough for this class for the life you want. Sincerity improve life is staircase rising class.

Assertiveness is cruelty to ignore all possibilities than kindness. Because, People who are not firm, has been cruel to let the evil force becomes stronger than good. That's why, more well thought cruel at promoting kindness, rather than affectionate but mistaken hide dishonesty.
Duh ..., how we love the people in power and ruthlessness to promote kindness, rather than the actual festive fun but dishonesty meaner.

· Fate is a quality of life that is in personal responsibility.
· If a good heart, good mind, you say well, and that you are doing well, then let fate.
· The kindness that you do will meet you in heaven, through the path of peace in this world.
· The best way to win the debate is largely silent.
· Not an important choice, but the choice seriousness anything.
· Do you limit your growth, by limiting you learn.
· You can increase the quality of your life, by improving the quality of the way-your way.